Priced Reduced! 4-Wheel Riders Wanted!, 0.635 Acres, Holopaw, Osceola County, FL (09-27-32-0000-2413-0000+)


This parcel is in Holopaw, in Osceola County, FL, within Suburban Estates, which is approximately 10,000 acres of VACANT recreational land with a LOCKED GATE entrance off Holopaw Groves Road, under authority of SEPA. This area is ideal for riding ATVs/dirt bikes, etc, and having fun! As this particular location may be wetlands, this lot is considered an ACCESS lot only (no camping). Keys are $100, payable to SEPA Cub Inc.

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Only $1,497 or YOUR BEST OFFER for 0.635 ACRES! Instant Equity.

Your choice of either payment option for this unique piece of American Land:

  • One payment of $1,497

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Financial Information

Your choice of either payment option for this unique piece of American Land:

SINGLE PAYMENT: One payment of $1,497
NO RISK TIE-UP FEE*: We understand that you may be unhappy if you drive all the way out to see a parcel of land, just to find out that someone else has purchased it right out from under you. That’s why we created the Tie-Up Fee. For just $35.00, we will hold the property for you for up to 7 days while you conduct your due diligence. This money is fully refundable if you decide not to move forward. If you do decide to move forward, we will simply apply it towards your initial Earnest Money / Processing Fee

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TITLE & USE: You can use the property during the monthly payments! Title will be delivered FREE and CLEAR once property has been paid in full. We will pay for recording and the County will mail your deed once recorded.

Property Description

Parcel Size: 0.635 Acres
Parcel Number: 09-27-32-0000-2413-0000, 09-27-32-0000-2413-0020
Location: Holopaw (Suburban Estates), Osceola County, FL
GPS Coordinates of Combined (Approximate): Northwest Corner: 28.154494,-81.119611
Northeast Corner: 28.154508,-81.118589
Southwest Corner: 28.154033,-81.119611
Southeast Corner: 28.154047,-81.118589
Center: 28.154272,-81.119103
Zoning: Recreational; while you can live here, no permanent foundations may be built
Access: This is a LOCKED GATE recreational area, with entrance off Holopaw Groves Road, under authority of SEPA. 1 key will be provided.
Terrain: Vegetation; may be wetlands
Utilities: None
Time Limit to Build: None
Liens & Judgments: None
Deed Type: Warranty Deed
Additional Notes: Title will be delivered free and clear of all liens.

IMPORTANT:  Information above is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. Some pictures may represent the area, but may not be of the actual parcel being sold. Buyer is responsible for verifying all information through personal inspection and with the County and should never rely on advertisements alone. Land is sold AS-IS, no refunds.

If you purchase this property, a donation will be made to charity!

No Credit Checks – Everyone Qualifies!

Includes FREE Title Search ($175.00 value)!

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