How to Buy

Welcome to TruDream Properties, L.L.C.  We offer great real estate deals at incredibly low prices.  Anyone can buy property right now with no credit check or approval.  Here are your 3 easy steps on how to buy land from us.

Step 1. Choose Your Property!

Choosing your property is the most important step in the buying process.  Ask questions, call the county, and inspect the property before you commit.  All properties are sold on an “as-is” basis, subject to our Guarantees.

No Risk Tie-Up Fee – We understand that you may be unhappy if you drive all the way out to see a parcel of land, just to find out that someone else has purchased it right out from under you.  That’s why we created our unique Tie-Up Fee. For just $35.00* we will hold the property for you for up to 3 days while you conduct your due diligence.  This money is fully refundable if you decide not to move forward.  If you do decide to move forward, we will simply apply it towards your initial Earnest Money / Processing Fee.

Earnest Money / Processing Fee– Once you are ready to proceed with your purchase, click on the “BUY NOW” button on the parcel you are interested in buying (or a link will be provided to you by us).  You will be required to submit a $99.00, non-refundable Earnest Money / Processing Fee, which will hold the property while we work on the Contracts for Sale**.  Please note any Promo Code or important notes in the blank field, if any.

Step 2. Sign Contracts and Make Payment(s).

There are two types of sales: Cash (or Single Payment) Sales and Owner-Financed (or Payment Plan) Sales.

Cash (or Single Payment) Sales. Upon receipt of your Earnest Money / Processing Fee, we will contact you and prepare a Real Estate Purchase Agreement, to be signed within three (3) business days using our electronic signature software***.  Once signed, the sale price of the property or remaining balance will be due immediately upon receipt of our invoice, payable by credit card, wire transfer or ACH.

Owner-Financed (or Payment Plan) Sales. Upon receipt of your Earnest Money / Processing Fee, we will contact you and prepare a Real Estate Purchase Agreement and Promissory Note, to be signed within three (3) business days***.   Once signed, your first prorated payment will be due immediately upon receipt of our invoice, payable by credit card, wire transfer or ACH.

Monthly Payments. Monthly invoices are typically paid by ACH, credit or debit card and are automatically charged by our software on the first of the month, and every 30 days thereafter.  We do not snail-mail invoices. If payment is more than 10 days late, there is a late fee added to your account.  Other charges included in your monthly payments include property taxes and a note servicing fee.

In either type of sale and only upon full payment,  Buyer shall also pay a small Deed Reconveyance Fee of $100.00, including applicable county taxes and fees (or more only in the rare county that has fees/taxes in excess of this amount) for final Deed preparation, filing and conveyance to Buyer.

Step 3. Receive Your Deed!

Cash (or Single Payment) Sales. Once your payment is completed, we will contact you to confirm the name and address to be put on your Deed.  We will then prepare the Deed to put the land in your name, pay the applicable transfer fees/taxes and file it with the county.  While we normally get this done much sooner, please allow up to 30 days from final payment to filing.  Once the county records the Deed, they will send us a recorded copy which we will forward to you – the new owner!  Please keep in mind, once the county records the Deed, it is up to each county as to when they change the name in their public records, which is out of our control.

Owner-Financed (or Payment Plan) Sales. Once your final payment is completed, we will follow the same steps as with a Cash Sale above for recording the Deed an putting the property in your name.

Contact Us

Feel free to visit our FAQ page for additional information on the land purchase process or Contact Us.



*On a few of our higher value properties, there may be no tie-up fee available.

** Seller reserves the right to take higher bids from other interested Buyers for up to 72 hours subsequent to receiving your Earnest Money/Processing Free. You (the first potential buyer), shall have the right of first refusal, but Seller reserves the right to sell to the highest bidder. If you are outbid, your money will be refunded.

*** Should buyer be using a title company, attorney or arranging their own financing, Buyer shall be required to pay an additional earnest-money deposit customarily charged in the area in relation to the value the transaction to be credited against the final purchase price.